women out loud

Women Out Loud

 This month, Laughter House Entertainment, well the Tamara part of it, has joined together with Wollongong City Council and Wollongong Comedy, to undertake an empowering and courageous project called Women Out Loud.

I hear you ask, is that a weird ritual where woman go and shout from cliff tops in contorted positions looking for their animal spirit and reaching deep into their sharkra’s?

No, no no NO!

Women out loud is giving women the tools to find their funny. Finding your funny means finding your voice and making it louder. Giving women a chance to shine and lead in their everyday lives.

The 10 week program is designed for women who have a desire to feel more confident in every day situations and to stand up for themselves in a way that doesn’t have people calling them…well names that are not intelligent, clever or funny.

Through the disarming vehicle of comedy, these 10 amazing women practise communication, confidence and bravery. They will learn to live in the moment, process challenges, survive failure and look people firmly in the eye.

Women Out Loud will help women learn to

  • find their unique funny
  • have a powerful presence
  • get the chatter out of their heads
  • challenge cultural messages that say women cannot be loud, hilarious or in chargewomen out loud
  • own their stories and their shit
  • amplify their voices, literally and metaphorically.
  • find their wonder woman and walk a path with her.

Your difference is where your funny lives. That funny is what will give you strength and power in life. That power comes from the authentic you, the one “we” hush, in case she says the wrong thing and hurts someone, or worse still is disliked.

We let fear, the pursuit of perfection and a crazy feeling of responsibility to be all things to everyone, get in the way of us sharing our great stories and having our brilliant ideas heard.

Sounds scary? The room was filled with fear, but after the first 2 hour session, it was filled with honesty, budding friendships, trust and courage. It was filled with women starting a journey that will change the way they see themselves and then the way they speak to the world. Together we will find our voices – voices that will help us to be brave, confident and true – all things that will give us a better and more fulfilled life.



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