The Kazador, Spiegeltent for hire

The Kazador Spiegeltent comes home!

3 years since it’s first appearance in the UK, The Kazador Spiegeltent (our favourite tent) is on Australian soil!

For those of you that don’t know, we own tents, I don’t mean the camping kind! Laughter House owns 6 performance tents that seat anything up to 150 people. All very beautiful to look at packed with atmosphere and able to make any location and occasion look and feel unforgettable.

In the world of tents, or “transportable theatrical venues,”- I know right, that shit is classy -there are canvas circus tents, canvas tents with wooden facades, then the piece de resistance, fully wooden tents with floors and canvas roofs, windows and mirrors. The latter are known a Spiegeltent and originate in Belgium – “Spiegel” meaning mirror, tent meaning… well tent – Spiegeltent! They are gorgeous.

It had long been a dream of mine to own one, which is financially ridiculous and would have seen me a divorced man, so I set about trying to achieve the next best thing – making one! When The Assembly Gardens in Edinburgh contacted us for a tent, my Spiegeltent dream became The Kazador and my marriage just about survived it.The Kazador Spiegeltent for hire

After a few months, a few hammered fingers, several hundred nuts and bolts, a new understanding of the British Building Code and a very deep pit full of cash, there she was “The Kazador” – the most beautiful thing that I have ever made (except my children and to be fair my part was quite small in that build). From the first moment I stepped inside the tent, I realized that we had made something special. The smell of freshly planed timber, the different coloured shades of light hitting the canvas as the sun shone through the windows, the “sweet spot” dead centre of the tent where the acoustics are perfect and your voice bellows, the electric atmosphere of an audience so close that you can literally smell them. I was a happy man – I finally owned a Spiegeltent of my own!

Now, thanks to the help of Kiama Council, we have shipped the whole 4 tonne thing home. The Kazador is now part of Laughter House Entertainment’s arsenal of venues to hire in Australia and it will be going up as a semi permanent destination venue in Kiama. The venue will have mixed purpose, being a community accessible space as well as bringing high quality entertainment to a rural location, increasing visitation and giving locals easier access to shows that often only stop in the major centres. It will also be for hire in Kiama for any wildly interesting thing you would like to use it for. The Kazador and Kiama will be giving each other mouth to mouth to breath exciting, exceptional and inspirational good times into the south coast.The Kazador, Spiegeltent for hire

For now though, we are incredibly grateful to Kiama Council for their faith, insight and cash and can barely contain our excitement at the prospect of performing in “The Kazador” again, but this time, to an Australian audience!

If you want to rent The Kazador in Kiama, attend a great gig there or ship it to your town and share in our beauty, just give us a call for a chat. Dave 0422 914 713 or Tamara 0403 817 549. See you in The Kazador or you’re in danger of being a bore.


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