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This week’s topic – 3 Hot tips on GETTING SHIT DONE for Artists and other gorgeous flakes.

Artists love shiny new things – I know I do. It makes it difficult to get things finished. I have recently discovered a number of techniques that keep me on track with the ideas and tasks that have lost a little of their sparkle, or the things that I find hideously dull, while never limiting the creative purge that my brain craves.

TIP 1. THE HOUR OF POWER: – being a Mum and having my own business, means that time is never a joke – unlike many other things in my life – in fact time is probably my single biggest stress.

I choose to undertake my hour of power at 6am. Now don’t run away feeling ill. You can always chose a time that suits you better if you are not a morning bird, but just for your information, I am not either, but I get a poop of a lot done at that time of day. Why? Because everyone else is asleep!

One of the keys to success at this time of day is the serenity.Sunnrise

Pick your favourite spot in the house, one where you can see the sun rise, or play your most emotive song quietly in your ears and let your inner peace and mindfulness find the joy in this hour of power. It is completely your time, no emails, phones, kids, husbands and/or lovers, no friends, neighbours, door knockers – just you and your creative brain.

Have a notebook called “My hour of Power” and just let it all hang out – you could do it naked if that helps. If you are a physical person you might start with 10 sun salutes and then hit the pen and paper, or maybe a 5 minutes mindfulness session, or perhaps a short black is all the stimulation you need.

Then, just write.dreams

Don’t stress, think or badger yourself, just jot, scribble, mind map, list, draw, ramble or plot. If you need a framework or structure make one, if you are writing a book follow your book outline, if you are just jamming, have toast – sorry, forgot I am not jamming I am writing for you. The hour of power is yours and is an expose for your creativity and you can sit on the information or publish and develop it as you see fit. It is a way for you to capture the genius that sits inside your head and once something is out of your head, there is room for more to be imagined.

NOTE: I sometimes use my hour of power for reading too or even for just starring at the ocean and dreaming. It is time for you.


TIP 2. TIMING YOURSELF:- One of the best pieces of advice that my perfectionist head has ever been given – put a timer on yourself for each task.

For example, I will give myself 20 minutes to write this article.toliet kiki

It prevents over thinking, stops procrastination and helps you to be more efficient. While that timer is on, your email operating system is closed, your phone is on silent or wedged under a pillow in a room upstairs and your kids should be gagged or left bobbing for Jaffas in a cereal bowl. Make sure you have done a wee and your water bottle is full, there are no excuses when the timer is on – it is the clock of productivity, your Killer Queen, guaranteed to blow your mind – every time! It is about being prolific not perfect and as artist’s that is almost like dirty talk, its such a rude concept. So pick a task off your to do list, set a timer and get it done without distraction.

TIP 3. CHECK EMAIL TWICE A DAY:- this can work for facebook, snap chat, linkedIn, twitter, instagram, pintrest, tinder, gaydar, rsvp and any other combination of letters that create mindless distraction and massive procrastination in your life.

The first few hours of the working day are your most productive, so don’t lose them to the small crap, you know the functional things, like writing emails and chasing leads. I always do my vital tasks first up, the big picture things, the stuff that is going to change my future and innovate my existence – see how important I can make it sound.

I will then check my email at 11.30am and try to answer everything before I have lunch. Then after lunch, back to some vital work and I check my email again around 4pm to get back to anyone who “needs” me “desperately” as people tend to think they do in this modern day, where everything had to happen yesterday.Bin

I know what you are thinking, Tamara, we are artists, we don’t work 9-5. Maybe you don’t, but you can still apply the principle, which is don’t get distracted by the small stuff that makes you feel like you are being productive. In reality, you are missing the opportunity to be fabulously amazing by coming up with cool shit that nobody else is doing because they are too busy looking at social media and jumping to respond to every buzzing noise or ding that alerts them to their infinite popularity. Do you want to be awesome, or just another follower who knows what Mary ate for lunch? Turn off your alerts and get shit done. Prosperity will follow.


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