Look Up And Laugh™ (LUAL)

A project designed to make you look up and laugh!

Laughter House Entertainment presents Look up and Laugh ™ as one of the recipients of Wollongong Council’s Large Cultural Grant through the months of August and September.

What does this mean?

We will be launching an all out assault on the commuting public of Wollongong and Port Kembla through a series of disruptive, spontaneous, entertaining installations and gorilla performances! If you find yourself on a bus getting a guided tour of Wollongong or if two Lampposts suddenly start talking to you, then you are probably experiencing Look Up And Laugh™. It will be everywhere and anywhere, expect the unexpected and you will won’t be disappointed.

Look Up And Laugh™ comes from an abiding passion shared by Laughter House Entertainment’s founders Tamara Campbell and Dave Evans. “We want to use laughter and imagination to connect people to each other and remind people that we exist as human beings side by side”. Look up and Laugh™ is about encouraging people to be in the moment, to be connected and interactive with each other, decrease judgement and increase laughter. Bringing back the joy.

Dave Evans says “Peoples lack of ability and confidence to interact with strangers is getting worse and this project aims to try and encourage exactly that interaction and give people their confidence back”.

Look Up And Laugh™ will commence towards the end of August and will combine live performance and film which will be uploaded daily to the Look Up And Laugh™ website. We also encourage the public to film and upload their footage to the website, creating a massive catalogue of hilarious clips.


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